How to use sound to clean my phone speaker from water and dust

Last updated: 2024-01-25.

How to use sound to clean my phone speaker from water and dust

Using sound to help clean your phone speaker from water and dust is based on the principle that certain frequencies can push out or shake loose water and debris trapped in the speaker grille. Here's how you can attempt this:

  • Safety First: Ensure your phone is turned off if it was recently submerged in water. Allow it to dry as much as possible before turning it back on. If your phone has been exposed to saltwater, rinse it with freshwater first (only if your phone is water-resistant). Salt can be corrosive.
  • Phone Volume: Look for specific audio tracks or apps such as try Fix My Speakers web app designed to eject water from the speaker. These tracks play a specific range of frequencies that can help push out water and debris.
  • Play the Sound: Turn up the volume to the maximum. Play the cleaning sound for several minutes. While the sound is playing, occasionally shake the phone gently with the speaker facing down to help dislodge any water or debris.
  • Inspect the Speaker:After playing the sound, inspect the speaker grille to see if water or debris has been pushed out. You might notice droplets or particles coming out of the grille.
  • Dry Naturally: Once you’ve played the sound and shaken out as much water as possible, allow your phone to dry naturally in an airy space. Avoid direct sunlight or excessive heat.

Remember that while the sound method might help with minor moisture or light debris, it may not be effective for more significant water exposure or deeply embedded debris. If your phone was submerged or exposed to a lot of water, it's best to turn it off, place it in a bag of rice or silica gel packets, and let it dry for at least 48 hours. If the speaker still sounds muffled after cleaning and drying, you might need to consult a professional or the phone's manufacturer.

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